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GTK progress bar not working properly with pulse()
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My python file( looks like the following:

pbar = gtk.ProgressBar()

def updateBar(percentage):
print percentage

class ProgressBar:
def __init__(self):
# other gui codes


My C++ codes look like the following:

for ( int percent = 0; percent < 100; percent++ )
PyObject* importModule = PyImport_ImportModule("progressbar");

if ( importModule == NULL )
printf("not good\n");
PyObject* callResult = PyObject_CallMethod(importModule,
"updateBar", "i", percent, NULL);
if ( callResult == NULL )
printf("not good enough\n");


I run the above C++ code from python by clicking a button. The problem
is that when I print the percentage from the python side, it works
fine, but when I call the pulse() method for ProgressBar, nothing gets
updated on my GUI. Do I have to do anything else with the pbar object
to make it display properly?

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