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RE: Get OS name

Tim Golden
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| codecraig wrote:
| > How can I get the OS Name, such as "Windows XP Pro". I
| know I can do
| >
| > sys.getwindowsversion but that doesnt return a nice Windows XP Pro
| > string.
| >
| > and gives "nt"
| >
| > thanks.
| >
| Read the docs... sys.getwindowsversion() should do the trick. AFAIK,
| there is no way to differentiate between XP Home and Pro...

I'm no expert on this (I don't even use XP) but the WMI
Win32_OperatingSystem class seems to give a useful string

import wmi

c = wmi.WMI ()
for os in c.Win32_OperatingSystem ():
print os.Caption


gives "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" and
"Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" on a couple
of machines I tried.


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where can I get wmi module, it doesnt come with Python right?


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Grant Edwards
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On 2005-04-15, codecraig <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> where can I get wmi module, it doesnt come with Python right?

Grant Edwards grante Yow! ... I want a COLOR
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