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text analysis in python

Steve Holden
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Maurice LING wrote:
> Terry Reedy wrote:
>> "Maurice LING" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>> news:(E-Mail Removed)...
>>> Say I code my stuffs in Jython (importing java libraries) in a file
>>> ""

>> Just to be clear, Jython is not a separate langague that you code
>> *in*, but a separate implementation that you may slightly differently
>> code *for*.

> Yes, I do get this point rightly. Jython is just an implementation of
> Python virtual machine using Java. I do note that there are some
> differences, such as, Jython can only handle pure python modules.
> However, I'm not a language expert to differentiate language differences
> between these 2 implementations of Python, as in Jython and CPython. If
> someone care to enlighten, it will be my pleasure to consult. TIA.

That's not strictly correct. The Python virtual machine isn;t
implemented at all in Jython, instead the JVM is used as the compilation

>>> ... Will there be any issues when I try to import into CPython?

>> If is written in an appropriate version of Python, it itself
>> will cause no problem. Hoqwever, when it imports javacode files, as
>> opposed to CPython bytecode files, CPython will choke.

> In my example, the file "" is coded in Jython, importing Java
> libraries. I do get that I cannot import Java jar files directly into
> CPython. What I do not get is that what is so special about Jython that
> it can "fool" CPython into using Java libraries... or is that there will
> always be a need for Java virtual machine and Python virtual machine
> when I use Java libraries in Jython... and importing Jython coded files
> into CPython....

Jython is pretty much a Python interpreter that compiles Python into JVM
bytecodes. Consequently the amount of "trickery" involved is rather
less, though clearly there is some (automated conversion b etween Java
and Pythin data types where appropriate, and automated signature-based
selection of the appropriate Java method being the two most obvious).

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