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[perl-python] sorting matrixes

Xah Lee
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Today we'll write a program that can sort a matrix in all possible

Here's the Perl documentation. I'll post a Perl and Python version in 2


sort_matrix( $matrix, [[$n1, $stringQ, $directionQ], [$n2, $stringQ,
$directionQ], ...]) sorts a matrix by $n1 th column then $n2 th...and
so on.

$matrix must be a reference to references of arrays, having the form
[[$e1, $e2,...], [...], ...]. $stringQ is a boolean indicating
whether to treat corresponding columns as a strings instead of as
number in the sorting process. True means string. $directionQ is a
boolean indicating ascending sort or not for the correpsonding
column. In the column spec $n1 $n2 ..., index counting starts at 0.


my $ref_matrix =
[3, 99, 'a'],
[2, 77, 'a'],
[1, 77, 'a']

sort_matrix( $ref_matrix, [ [2,1,1], [1,0,1] ]);
# this means sort by third column, regarding it as strings,
# and in ascending order. If tie, sort by second column,
# regarding it as number, in ascending order.

# returns [[2,77,'a'],[1,77,'a'],[3,99,'a']];


Note: in the above, ignore the "must be a reference to references of
arrays". That's technical point, because Perl the language do nested
lists thru workaround of "references".

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Christos TZOTZIOY Georgiou
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On 22 Mar 2005 09:02:51 -0800, rumours say that "Xah Lee" <(E-Mail Removed)> might
have written:

>Today we'll write a program that can sort a matrix in all possible
>Here's the Perl documentation. I'll post a Perl and Python version in 2

Don't bother writing a Python version... list.sort and its arguments are fine
and send their greetings.
TZOTZIOY, I speak England very best.
"Be strict when sending and tolerant when receiving." (from RFC195
I really should keep that in mind when talking with people, actually...
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Xah Lee
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Here's the solution to previous post.

perl code:

sub sort_matrix($$) {
my $ref_matrix = $_[0];
my @indexMatrix = @{$_[1]};

my @indexes = map {$_->[0]} @indexMatrix;
my @operators = map {$_->[1] ? ' cmp ' : ' <=> '} @indexMatrix;
my @directions = map {$_->[2]} @indexMatrix;

my $body_code = '';
my @body_array;
for (my $i = 0; $i <= $#indexes; $i++) {
if ($directions[$i]) {
push(@body_array, "(\$a->[$i]" . $operators[$i] .
} else {
push(@body_array, "(\$b->[$i]" . $operators[$i] .
$body_code = join( ' or ', @body_array);

my $array_code = '(map { [' . join(q(, ), map {"\$_->[$_]"}
@indexes) . ', $_]} @$ref_matrix)';

my $code = "map {\$_->[-1]} (sort { $body_code} $array_code)";
my @result = eval $code;
return [@result];

Python code

# python v 2.4

def sort_matrix(matrix, directives):
for dir in directives:
if dir[1]:
if dir[2]:
result.sort(lambda x,y: cmp( str(x[dir[0]]),
str(y[dir[0]])) )
result.sort(lambda x,y: cmp( str(x[dir[0]]),
str(y[dir[0]])), None, True)
if dir[2]:
result.sort(lambda x,y: cmp(float(x[dir[0]]),
float(y[dir[0]])) )
result.sort(lambda x,y: cmp(float(x[dir[0]]),
float(y[dir[0]])), None, True )
return result

m = [
[3, 99, 'a'],
[2, 77, 'a'],
[1, 77, 'a']

print sort_matrix(m,[

The Python code has not been tested much.

Xah Removed)

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