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setDocumentLocator in validating parser (xmlproc)

Cees Wesseling
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it seems that xmlproc, the default Validating parser, in my setup does
not call back to setDocumentLocator. Is there anyway to get a locator
in my handler?
Below you find an example and its output.

Regards, Cees

# base imports
from xml.sax.handler import ContentHandler
from xml.sax.handler import EntityResolver
import xml.sax
import xml.sax.sax2exts

class BaseHandler(ContentHandler):
def setDocumentLocator(self,locator):
print "setDocumentLocator called"

def startElement(self, name, attr):
print "startElement", name

open('e.dtd','w').write('<!ELEMENT E EMPTY>')
"""<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE E SYSTEM "e.dtd"><E/>""")

vp = xml.sax.sax2exts.XMLValParserFactory.make_parser()
print "vp type", vp.__class__
vph = BaseHandler()

np = xml.sax.make_parser()
print "np type", np.__class__
nph = BaseHandler()

vp type xml.sax.drivers2.drv_xmlproc.XmlprocDriver
startElement E
np type xml.sax.expatreader.ExpatParser
setDocumentLocator called
startElement E
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James Kew
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"Cees Wesseling" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed) om...
> it seems that xmlproc, the default Validating parser, in my setup does
> not call back to setDocumentLocator. Is there anyway to get a locator
> in my handler?

It's a known bug with a simple patch -- I don't know why it wasn't fixed in
PyXML 0.8.4.

I had the same problem a while ago; I ended up doing a monkeypatch to
xml.sax.drivers2.drv_xmlproc to add the missing call:

import xml.sax.drivers2.drv_xmlproc

# Override the set_locator method.
def set_locator(self, locator):
# Existing code.
self._locator = locator
# ...but also call the ContentHandler.
# drv_xmlproc already implements the Locator interface.

setattr(xml.sax.drivers2.drv_xmlproc.XmlprocDriver , "set_locator",


James Kew

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Cees Wesseling
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"James Kew" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<d1fml1$fn6$(E-Mail Removed)>...

Thanks James, a perfect patch that works perfect for me.

On a side note, it seems the locator is not standarized. expat gives
positions at the "<"-char of startElement while xmlproc (PyXml) gives
it the ">"-char of startElement.And both one columnNumber off. A bit
annoying when swapping parsers.

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