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wishlist item: itertools.partition (WAS: Wishlist item: itertools.flatten)

Steven Bethard
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      03-12-2005 Removed) wrote:
> window / cons / fencepost / slice functions: +1
> (with a flag to say if you want to truncate or pad incomplete tuples
> at end of input sequence.
> Probably more recipes in there, (and not CPAN-ish yet) but multiple
> submissions bespeak a certain need, i think.

Yes, also worth noting is the thread:

which concludes with:

from itertools import islice, chain, repeat

def partition(iterable, part_len):
itr = iter(iterable)
while 1:
item = tuple(islice(itr, part_len))
if len(item) < part_len:
raise StopIteration
yield item

def padded_partition(iterable, part_len, pad_val=None):
padding = repeat(pad_val, part_len-1)
itr = chain(iter(iterable), padding)
return partition(itr, part_len)

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