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[ANN] XPN 0.4.5 released

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XPN - X Python Newsreader is a multiplatform newsreader with unicode
support. It is written in Python+PyGTK.
It has features like scoring/actions, XFace and Face decoding and random

You can find it on:

Changes in this release:

* added X-Face support (thanks to Andrew Taylor for helping
me in the translation of his javascript port of uncompface, and to
Alien321 for telling me about the Mnheny Thunderbird extension)
* added Face support (note you can't send Faces, because this is a non
standard header).
* added i18n support with gettext. At the moment the supported languages
are Italian and French (thanks to Guillaume Bedot for the code and for
the French translation)
* rewrote NNTP connection handler as an externale module. Now it should
be more readable and more reliable.
* some refinements in watch/ignore/mark features
* fixed some quirk behaviours in the wrapping feature. Now the live
wrapping should work better.
* added Subject based threading, it's used when References based
threading fails
* now XPN can generate Message-IDs, and you can also use a personal
* added command line options, now you can run xpn with "-d" option and
it will store articles and configs files inside a .xpn directory in
your home-dir. (thanks to Guillaume Bedot for the code)
* added a simple outbox, you can store your articles in it when you are
offline and then send them when you estabilish the connection with the
* now XPN should autmatically repair its database when it gets
* some fixes for Supersede/Cancel features
* now you can select multiple row in groups list. So for instance you
can subscribe more than one group with one click, or you can use the
new "download new headers in selected groups".
* now you can use a different From field when you reply by mail
* fixed a bug introduced in the previous release that caused a crash
trying to use a NickName with extended characters in it.
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