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Explicit or general importing of namespaces?

Harlin Seritt
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I think the bottom line on this is using your own sense of risk/reward with
each given module imported. Some modules (Tkinter comes to mind) it makes
sense to pollute while others it doesn't.


"Peter Hansen" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Peter Mayne wrote:
> > Peter Hansen wrote:
> >> and it's still a bad idea in almost all cases anyway

> >
> > Since I've been playing with PyQt lately...
> >
> > Is qt not one of the "almost all" cases? From the limited number of
> > examples I've seen, it seems to be common to do
> >
> > from qt import *

> This sort of thing seems common amongst large frameworks such
> as PyQt or wxPython. This is unfortunate, IMHO, though it isn't
> really a serious concern for most users.
> I'm grateful that the most recent versions of wxPython have
> abandoned that approach in favour of a nice clean "import wx",
> and as far as I can tell the code does not suffer as a result,
> and gains substantially in clarity. Maybe the "qt" module
> defines far fewer names than the "wx" module does, but I for
> one am glad not to have to worry that I won't accidentally
> conflict with the hundreds that are there (in wx), nor to
> worry that my code lacks in readability.
> > Since most of the imported names start with "Q", are called QLabel,
> > QSlider, etc, and are generally recognisable in context, this would seem
> > to be a reasonable case of namespace pollution.
> >
> > I'm certainly not arguing with the general premise, just wondering if qt
> > is one of the sensible exceptions.

> If not sensible, at least fairly widely accepted, not a serious
> impediment to effective use, and definitely not without precedent.
> -Peter

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