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Stable GUI

Sion Arrowsmith
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Peter Hansen <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>Viktor wrote:
>> I just noticed that wxPython is leaking memory?! Playing with
>> wxPython-demo, I started with 19MB used, and ended whith almost 150MB
>> used?!
>> It's wxPython running on Python 2.4.

>On which platform?
>And how are you measuring this apparent memory consumption?

And what are you doing to the demo to provoke it? (I've had a
wxPython application significantly increase its memory footprint
on Windows just from opening a file dialog.)

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Thomas Guettler
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Am Wed, 16 Feb 2005 06:19:27 -0800 schrieb Viktor:

> Which GUI is the most stable one? I don't need any fancy looking
> widgets (look and feel doesn't realy matter to me), I "just" need it
> to be rock stable and fast...


For me pygtk is enough stable and fast.

The reference is good:


Thomas Güttler,

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