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Multi-Platform installer generator

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Hello list,

On windows my company uses Inno Setup to generate installers for our
products, and on Linux we usually use a simple shell script, but we
would like to use the same installer generator for both platforms.
Searching google turned up some multi-platform installers (mostly in
Java), but I gather that they require a Java VM installed in the target
system, and that is undesirable for us, since most system don't come
with a Java VM ready (or am I completely wrong in this aspect?).

So does anyone know if a multi-platform installer generator, that
generates installers with GUI and has no requirements on the target
system, exists?

Best Regards,
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Simon John
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if you're referring to the installshield x/mp products, forget it, they
are really bad.

the last company i worked for who used x/mp actually went back to shell
scripts for unix and installshield pro for windows, as the java thing
was abismall, and even the ide was written in java, so horribly slow.

personally i'd stick with shell scripts for unix, and innosetup for

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