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access problem with DCOM server written in python

Achim Domma (Procoders)
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I have a problem with a DCOM server written in python. Here is my
minimal test object:

class TestObject:
_reg_clsid_ = "{ECDBB3BC-F0BF-4eef-87C0-D179A928DAB5}"
_reg_progid_ = "DComTest.Object"
_reg_desc_ = "DComTest.Object"
_public_methods_ = ['testit']

def __init__(self):

def testit(self): pass

if __name__=='__main__':
# register object
from win32com.server.register import UseCommandLine

The object is registered on server S and on client C. The user U exists
on both machines with the same password. Accessing 'normal' C++ COM
objects from C on S works fine, which means the DCOM is working at all.

U is able to create the object localy, but accessing my test object via
DCOM gives me an 'access denied'. I used dcomcnfg to grand U the right
to start and access the object on S (same settings as for working C++
objects), but I still get 'access denied'.

The server was newly setup. The script was working on another setup, but
I have no idea what might be the differnce.

BTW: Accessing the object with an admin account works just fine.

Any hint on how to solve, or at least debug, the problem?

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