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Neil Benn
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I'm running a test and having issues with logging, if I call
logging.shutdown() and then want to start the logging going again then I
get a problem as if I call shutdown, I can't get the root logger again,
such as :

..>>> import logging
..>>> objTestLogger = logging.getLogger()
..>>> objTestLogger.setLevel(logging.INFO)
..>>> objTestLogger.addHandler(logging.FileHandler('c:\\ test.log'))
..>>>"THIS IS A TEST")
..>>> logging.shutdown()
..>>> objTestLogger = logging.getLogger()
..>>> objTestLogger.setLevel(logging.INFO)
..>>>"THIS IS A TEST")
..Traceback (most recent call last):
.. File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
.. File "c:\program files\python23\lib\logging\", line 893,
in info
.. apply(self._log, (INFO, msg, args), kwargs)
.. File "c:\program files\python23\lib\logging\", line 994,
in _log
.. self.handle(record)
.. File "c:\program files\python23\lib\logging\", line 1004,
in handle
.. self.callHandlers(record)
.. File "c:\program files\python23\lib\logging\", line 1037,
in callHandlers
.. hdlr.handle(record)
.. File "c:\program files\python23\lib\logging\", line 592,
in handle
.. self.emit(record)
.. File "c:\program files\python23\lib\logging\", line 103,
in emit
.., 2) #due to non-posix-compliant Windows feature
..ValueError: I/O operation on closed file

This means that I any code that write or use, if it calls
logging.shutdown the logging is buggered for that process - is my
analysis correct?




Neil Benn
Senior Automation Engineer
Cenix BioScience
BioInnovations Zentrum
Tatzberg 46

Tel : +49 (0)351 4173 154
e-mail : Removed)
Cenix Website :

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