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Another scripting language implemented into Python itself?
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Cameron writes:

>Pronouns quickly overload me.

On a reread of my post, me, we and they and I all sympathize.

>f you're saying that there's hysteria
>afoot, much of it about the harm that might come through use of
>computers left unprotected from evildoers, well, yes, I'm with you.
>Most people have far more important hazards in their lives and work
>than "security violations" as we technologists generally conceive them.

That is what I am saying, admitted not very well.

As it happens, though, I don't particularly finger the technologists
as the culprits.

Strangely, much of it can be traced to the fallout of Enron, though
of course Enron had nothing to do with this realm of evil in any way.

Most particularly ironic is the fact that is the same strata of the
business community (broadly speaking I am part of that
community) that bears a good deal of responsibility for Enron
that has jumped on the opportunity to cash in on its fallout.



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