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Cisco AP1200 broadcast issue

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Hi all,

I am using Cisco Access Point 1200 and I found some problems and I
hope someone can help me.

With using the AiroPeek, although I disabled the broadcast key
rotation, the AiroPeek still found that the AP1200 send out "Ethernet
Broadcast" continuouly using the radio interface. Is it normal? For
security reason, is it possible to disable the broadcast? Thanks.

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There are a number of different broadcasts that the AP 1200 can be
sending out

For example ARP request are sent using an Ethernet broadcast address.

NETBIOS broadcasts, etc, etc

Things to consider:
a) disable CDP on readio interface
b) consider enabling dot11 arp-cache (should have latest release of
AP 1200 IOS to vaoid any issues
c) consider eliminating NETBIOS over wireless (looks at SMB direct
over TCP/IP as an alternative)

Send me private email and I can discuss further if you wish.
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Please resend you email and attachments; I had problems with my email
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