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Python C Object Comparison

Anand K Rayudu
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Dear All,

I have some question regarding embedding and exposing of C pointers.

We have embedded python and extended to expose our APIs and c objects to
Every thing is working fine as far as customizing our application
through python.

How ever i am expecting following behavior but it failed. Can some oe
suggest a work around!!

Here is my python code

import myModule


# basically both above functions return same C pointer.
# so i want to compare
if(a==b): print "They are same"
else : print "They are different"

python always prints they are different,
I guess this is because in python layer we create PythonCObject for
every C pointer, and that is how it is exposed to python. Though both
the APIs are returning the same C pointer, they are different instances
of PythonCObject.
So i guess that is the reason comparison is failing.
How ever is it possible to make python to compare actual C pointer,
rather than the PythonCObject Pointer.

Can some one please suggest


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