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Weird problem with Wireless Cisco APs and repeater

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Due to lackage of 802.3 points I've had to set up this scheme:

Cisco AP1200 (root) ---------> Cisco AP1200 (repeater 1) ---------> Cisco
350 (repeater 2)
(WEP keys activated in all of them)

This setup doesn't beheave properly. If I associate to repeater 2, I cannot
ping neither repeater 1 nor root. But if I associate with root I can ping
both of them (so Cisco 350 seems to work, at least the 802.3 I/F) , and the
same situation repeats when associate with repeater 1. If I change repeater
2 by another AP1200 everything works fine.

Any clue? Although I still have to make some deeper analisys in the lab
sniffing traffic it seems to me that Cisco 350 is not able to work as a
repeater from another repeater but I haven't found such a limitation on
Cisco's specs.

Thanks in advance for your help

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Do you have "dot11 arp-cache" configured; if so remove it

BTW the dot11 arp-cache feature is supported on repeater by the
12.2(15)JA release
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