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xmlrpclib with technorati

Alan Little
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I'm trying to write a generic weblog update notifier using xmlrpclib,
starting with technorati. What I want to do is something like this :

XML config file that would look like this:

<server url="http//whatever,"
<param sequence="1" source="myAttrib1" />
<param sequence="2" source="myAttrib2" />
<server .... another server

and code that would do this (pseudocode):

for serverconfig in xml.findall('server')
put params in sortedParamList
server=xmlrpclib.ServerProxy(serverconfig .attrib['url'])

However, technorati's xml-rpc server gives a permissions error when I
try to call MethodList(). I don't know whether or how I can call a
method on an xml-rpc server by binding the method name rather than
hard-coding it without having access to MethodList()

For bonus points: anybody know if it possible to get xmlrpclib to send
non-ascii parameter values (I know this would be a violation of the
utterly brain-dead xml-rpc spec)
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