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Re: PIL and format conversions -- Noobie.

Fredrik Lundh
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Ron Phillips wrote:

>I have a monster jpg (128 mb) that comprises a handful of colors (20 or
> so, max). It should never have been compressed with jpeg compression, as
> I understand it. It should have been a png or gif, since they are made
> to handle blocks of a few colors.

if you compress an image that originally had 20 or so colors, max, as JPEG, and
then decompress it, you get a lot more colors in the resulting image. an example:

>>> import Image

let's load an arbitrary color image:

>>> im ="lenna.ppm")
>>> im.mode

>>> len(im.getcolors())

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
TypeError: len() of unsized object

by default, getcolors() returns None if the image contains
more than 256 colors. let's try raising that limit:

>>> len(im.getcolors(1000000))


okay, we have some 120000 unique colors in this RGB image.
let's cut the number of colors down to 20:

>>> im = im.quantize(20)
>>> im.mode

>>> len(im.getcolors())


and roundtrip via JPEG:

>>> im.convert("RGB").save("out.jpg")
>>> im ="out.jpg")
>>> len(im.getcolors(1000000))



> I used PIL to convert it to png and to gif, and it got even bigger (6 -
> 8 x) -- am I using PIL wrong, or is PIL the wrong tool? If so, how
> should I use PIL so it best compresses the outfile? Or, what tool should
> I use?

this might work:

im ="myimage.jpg")
im = im.convert(
"P", dither=Image.NONE, palette=Image.ADAPTIVE, colors=20

(trying various colors settings might be a good idea; if you leave it out, you'll
get no more than 256 colors).


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