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Access CATIA V5 with win32com (LONG)
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I got it ! There was an example (for Office I think) in the test-directory of
Pywin32, where I have the first lines from. But this is dynamic binding. Can
anybody explain this for early binding ?

And it would be fine when the pulldown-menu in Pythonwin works to see the
exposed Methods of the Type Libraries.

import win32com.client

dispatch = win32com.client.dynamic._GetGoodDispatch("CATIA.Ap plication")
typeinfo = dispatch.GetTypeInfo()
attr = typeinfo.GetTypeAttr()
olerepr =, attr, None, 0)
catia = win32com.client.dynamic.CDispatch(dispatch, olerepr)
dispatch = typeinfo = attr = olerepr = None

doc = catia.ActiveDocument.Product
print "------------------"
print "Number : Partname:"
print "------------------"
count = catia.ActiveDocument.Product.Products.Count
for partnum in range(count):
print "Part", partnum + 1, ":",
catia.ActiveDocument.Product.Products.Item(partnum +1).Name

This is the result. And it works fine.

Number : Partname:
Part 1 : 433275-14.1
Part 2 : Part1.1
Part 3 : Part3.1
Part 4 : Product5.1

htp - Hannovers Telefon Partner GmbH
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