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[ANN] XPN 0.3.5 released

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XPN is an on-line newsreader with unicode support. It's written in
Python using GTK+2 toolkit and works wherever Python and GTK+2 work.
It also has features like scoring, random taglines, search ...

You can find it on:

Changes in this version:

* v0.3.5: Improved speed when you open an article
* v0.3.5: fixed a bug in the smtp connection
* v0.3.5: fixed (again) a date sorting bug
* v0.3.5: now you can hide read articles
* v0.3.5: added spoiler char (^L or formfeed) support.
* v0.3.5: added "mute quote" and "mute signature" features
* v0.3.5: added "Supersede Article" and "Cancel Article" features
* v0.3.5: added three buttons "A" "H" "G" that let you zoom the Article/Headers/Groups Pane
* v0.3.5: reorganized the Score Window
* v0.3.5: added a Regular Expression Tester in the Score Window
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