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RE: quick regex question

Robert Brewer
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Matt Price wrote:
> this is surely trivial, but can'f figure it out. I wnat to replace:
> 'string with spaces'
> with
> 'StringWithSpaces'
> so I tried this:
> s = 'string with spaces'
> pat = ' (.)'
> t = re.sub(pat, upper, s)
> I know this isn't quite right, I expect it to return:
> 'String With Spaces'

A couple things are tricky about what you want.

1. If you use a function for the replacement arg in re.sub, it receives
a Match object, not the string, so you need to write a function to pull
the matching text out of the Match object:

def up_it(m):

2. Your pattern doesn't address the start of the string. You probably
want "non-grouping" parentheses to handle the "or".

>>> re.sub(r'(?:^| )(.)', up_it, 'string with spaces')


Robert Brewer
Amor Ministries Removed)
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