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cisco 827, configuration, routing multiple subnets - cosmetic problem

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cisco 827
IOS 12.3(6a)

My ISP provides me a /27 (x.x.x.192/2. I break this into two /28's.

I have used a Cisco 678 for this purpose and all has worked fine.
(sh int on the 67
IP Address Mask
eth0 X.X.X.193

vip0 X.X.X.209

wan0 Physical Port: Trained

Dest IP Address Mask
wan0-0 [ISP GW IP]

I am now setting up a cisco 827. I'm guessing that setting up a
subinterface (e0.1) would help. However, I am unable to as it
complains of requiring a VLAN config, and the router doesn't seem to
support VLANs. (I haven't really tried, but I have a few ideas to try
to 'force' this config...) Any known ways to get around this?
Anyway, here is my 827 config:

interface Ethernet0
ip address X.X.X.209 secondary
ip address X.X.X.193
interface ATM0
no ip address
no atm ilmi-keepalive
dsl operating-mode auto
pvc 0/32
encapsulation aal5mux ppp dialer
dialer pool-member 1
interface Dialer0
ip unnumbered Ethernet0
dialer pool 1
dialer persistent
ip classless
ip route Dialer0

The 'problem'
This WORKS (can pass/route traffic from either subnet). It appears
only COSMETIC, but when I traceroute from a client on the secondary
subnet (x.208/28 via GW x.209), the traceroute shows the IP of the
primary ip address (x.193).

On the Cisco 678 this wasn't the case. A traceroute from subnet A had
the .193 IP and from subnet B had the .209 (and the next hop was my
ISP on either).

Again, this question being a cosmetic issue, I'm mostly looking for
comment and insight. I (think that I) understand why this is occurring
- routing will always use it's primary address for an interface. I am
curious as to alternative configurations and/or background info
relevant to this.



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