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[PyWin]Question About 'No module named pywin.framework.startup'

The Jetman
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I'm trying to port PyWin into a limited version of Windows XP, called
BartPE. Essentially, it's a matter of taking the installed elements of
most WinApps (ie. registry settings and files) and insert them into the
framework defined by BartPE's author. I "think" I've got it going, except
a single PyWin error: 'No module named pywin.framework.startup.' That is,
when I launch PyWin, I get an error dialog w/ this message. I suspect it
has to do w/ a registry setting, since I'd seen this error dlg long ago,
but fixed it by reinstalling PyWin, which I can't do under BartPE.

I'm still trying to work this out on my own, but thought I'd post
a query here, in case anyone has a better handle on this. My current
suspicion is that PyWin breaks bec of the absence of the Python file
extensions (ie. py, pyw, etc) from the PATHEXT environment registry
setting, but that's a guess.



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