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Interfaces and Exceptions

Calvin Spealman
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Two somewhat related questions:

1) Is there a standard Interface class or module? Is it included with the
python distribution or is it third party?

2) How can I raise an exception and catch it based on the interfaces it

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Hung Jung Lu
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Calvin Spealman <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> 2) How can I raise an exception and catch it based on the interfaces it
> implements?

By using Java?

Seriously, checked exceptions a la Java were such a bad idea that even
Java people came up with "patterns" to convert them to unchecked
exceptions. C# designers simply discarded checked exceptions from a
start and designed their exception handling based on the Python
exception handling model. (This is mentioned in a Microsoft's paper,
but I don't have the reference off hand.)

So, no need to mix exceptions with interfaces, unless you are a


Hung Jung
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