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Need a hint on customizing import of modules

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Hi all,

I use Leo for programming. Among other goodies Leo provides it let's me
easily share code between different Python apps. When I have an app
consisting of more than one file, they usually do

from other import AClassOfIt
import yetanother

When I then want to investigate a specific problem I share code with a
lab file, e.g. This app is flat then, i.e. it does not
need to

from other import AClassOfIt
import yetanother

because all classes of other are flattened into

So I have to write within

from other import AClassOfIt
except ImportError:
pass # Assume it being w/i this module

Instantiation of AClassOfIt now works in both worlds, i.e. in the
"structured" app and in the flat app.

But what should I do with

import yetanother ?

When code is used from yetanother, it is ref'ed like so:

myUseful = yetanother.UseFullClass()

This does not work in the flat file, because yetanother could not be

So I thought of something like

import yetanother
except ImportError:
yetanother = __module__ # alas, does not work

which then would make calls like

myUseful = yetanother.UseFullClass()

possible as before.

Any hint how I shall proceed? Should I consider writing an import hook?
How would such a beast look like?

Many thanks in advance
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