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missing types in module types?

Manlio Perillo
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I have found that some types are missing from module types:

import types
from types import *

def check_type(obj):
type_list = [eval(t) for t in dir(types) if t.endswith('Type')]
return [[x, type(obj)] for x in type_list if isinstance(obj, x)]

def fun(): pass

cm = classmethod(fun)
sm = staticmethod(fun)

p = property()

print check_type(cm)
[[<type 'object'>, <type 'classmethod'>]]

print check_type(sm)
[[<type 'object'>, <type 'staticmethod'>]]

print check_type(fun.__init__)
[[<type 'object'>, <type 'method-wrapper'>]]

print check_type(p)
[[<type 'object'>, <type 'property'>]]

Regards Manlio Perillo
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