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[ANN] XPN 0.2.7 released

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XPN is an on-line newsreader with unicode support. It's written in
Python using GTK+2 toolkit and works wherever Python and GTK+2 work.

Changes in this release:

* v0.2.7: added external editor support
* v0.2.7: little change about rot13, now if there isn't selected text the whole article
will be encoded/decoded.
* v0.2.7: fixed a bug caused by articles with strange line-terminators.
* v0.2.7: little change in connection handling. Now you can enter a group and read already
read articles without having to estabilish a connection with server.
* v0.2.7: fixed a bug in Import Newsrc.
* v0.2.7: now the function that builds the threaded-view is much faster.

You can find it on:

All those who believe in psychokinesis raise my hand.

|\ | |HomePage :
| \|emesis |XPN (my nr):

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