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Best way to serve Python Web Pages?

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In everyone's humble opinion, what do you think would be the best way
to serve web pages using the Python Language?

For example, would it be an Apache/MySQL/Python, Zope, or homebrewed

My personal requirements would include:

1. Relatively easy to program
2. Lot's of resources/ examples that I can leverage to reduce
development time.
3. Something that I can administer easily and teach other people to
4. Low cost and Open Source.
5. Something that is portable across various OS's.
6. Something relatively compact.

Is it smart to compartmentalize an application by using the
Apache/MySQL/Python approach? Or is it better to keep it all under
one roof via the Zope approach?

Just curious to see how other people are building web applications
using Python.

Thank you,

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Paul Rubin
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I will give an unpopular answer and say that Python's main advantage
over PHP in web applications is Python's superiority as a programming
language for implementing complex projects. Python has considerable
disadvantages in the areas you're asking about (ease of programming,
lots of examples, lots of people who know how to use it, ease of
administration, etc.) but if you're doing something big and
complicated, you have to overcome all those other kinds of issues
anyway, so you win by using Python. However, it sounds like you're
doing something relatively lightweight, in which case those
disadvantages start to weigh on you. You may be better off using PHP.
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Lutz Horn
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* scott <(E-Mail Removed)> [3 May 2004 09:57:40 -0700]:
> In everyone's humble opinion, what do you think would be the best way
> to serve web pages using the Python Language?

I'd recommend CherryPy[1]. It has all the characteristics you mentioned.


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