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RE: my first program- List Box help?

Tim Golden
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>I am new to python and am trying to make a front end for an emulator.
>I am using python, livewires and pygame. I am able to do everything I
>want except createa list box.
>So I think all I need to learn how to do is draw a text box that
>imports a xml file and with every click of an arrow key it updates a
>variable. I also do not know how to start the bat file. But I think I
>might be able to figure out on my own.

It's quite difficult to know where to start: you've obviously
already got the pygame and livewires documentation, and equally
obviously you already know that once you're into pygame-style
development you're rolling your own all the way. Which means that
there is no one canonical way to produce a list box and to
trigger a set of images on each movement within it, so it's
difficult to post a code fragment.

Having said that I have produced some small widgets for use in
a pygame-based application here, including a listbox which I
use for selecting a printer from the available list.
If this would be of use to you I'm happy to send it.
Let me know.

And/Or give a clearer idea of what you're up to. And post
some code that you've already done so we can see what
approach you're taking.


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