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Please Help with references

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import __main__

tempbuffer= None


class E:
def __init__(self):
# print id(self)
self.hasVar = False

def doOperation(self,op,rightOperand):
e = E()
if self.__class__ == E:
e.hasVar = self.hasVar
elif self.__class__ == V or rightOperand.__class__ == V or \
(rightOperand.__class__ == E and rightOperand.hasVar == True):
e.hasVar = True
e.operator = op
e.left = self
e.right = rightOperand
global tempbuffer
global permbuffer
print "bll"
f = copy.copy(e)
print f
r =findNonTempBufferRef(tempbuffer)
print r
if r != 'tempbuffer':
print "hello"
permbuffer[r] =tempbuffer
tempbuffer = f
return e

def relationalOperators(self,op,rightOperand):
print self,rightOperand
e.operator =op
return e

def __neg__(self):
return self

def __radd__(self,e2):
return self.doOperation('+',e2)

def __add__(self,e2):
return self.doOperation('+',e2)

class V(E):
""" This is a variable for MPY"""
def __init__(self):
print "V",
self.hasVar = True
self.val = None

def __str__(self):
if self.val:
# print "self.val *****"
return str(self.val)
return findRefTo(self) or "MPY Error! Printing unnamed variable."

def findRefTo(obj):
import expression # Needed to get access to main.
vnames = vars(__main__)
for name in vnames.keys():
if vnames[name] == obj:
return name
return None

def findNonTempBufferRef(obj):
import expression # Needed to get access to main.
vnames = vars(__main__)
print vnames
for name in vnames.keys():
if vnames[name] == obj:
return name
return None


This my code...

On interpretor if i

create x=V() and y=V() creates two instances of class variable which
inherits from expression class E.

now if i say


and then c=x+y

and ce=x+y

i think i loose the original one...

i want to store in a permbuffer all asignments made..

after assigning c and ce i want a copy of both in a permbuffer..

Iam at my witends .. Please help...

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Oktay Safak
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