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[Jython-users] ANN: SPIRO - a cPython->Jython bridge (amongst otheruses)

David McNab
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Announcing SPIRO - an easy cPython to Java bridge.


I spent some time looking for ways to interface between python and java.

Jython is great - but it comes at a price where one must forego all
python modules containing binaries.

Pyro is great too - but presently cannot support running servers under

I tried JPE - but its brittleness rules it out for distributing code to

So I gave up and wrote a new ORB myself:
SPIRO - Simple Python Interface to Remote Objects

SPIRO allows cPython programs to manipulate Java objects via jython.
While it's not exactly CORBA-compliant, it is an easy and simple way to
bridge between cPython and Java, with the advantage that it doesn't
require any binary compilation.

The server-side of SPIRO can be easily built into a standalone .jar
file, which together with the cPython Spiro client class, will give your
cPython programs access to the full catalogue of java software.

Please note - this is an early alpha release, so stability is not
guaranteed. If you're a tinkerer, and you feel like joining the
development effort, let me know and I'll open a sourceforge account.

Present limitations - no support for subclassing Java objects in
cPython, no support for exceptions.


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