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ACS3.1 Proxy Distribution to ACE problem

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i have 2x ACS3.1 servers, and can get the first to proxy off a request
to the second ACS [proxy distribution table]. This works 100% if the
user has a local ACS db password on the 2nd ACS, but fails if 2nd ACS
passes the authentication request on to ACE SecurID Server.

the flow is as follows:
1)user attempts authentication
2)ACS#1 receives authentication request and forwards onto ACS#2 as per
Proxy Distribution table.
3)ACS#2 in turn passes this off to RSA ACE server
4)ACE passes authentication
5)ACS#2 receives ok from ACE and logs it in 'passed authentications'.
6)BUT user authentication request seems to time out !
Not sure if ACS#1 receives the ok from ACS#2 , or if ACS#1 does not
send the ok to user? [If user has local ACS password on ACS#2 then all
works ok].

any ideas?
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