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python.exe vs pythonw.exe difference?

Emile van Sebille
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Dear group,

I've possibly narrowed a problem I'm having running zope as a service
on winxp pro sp 1 in that when started from a command line as:

c:\zope\v27\lib\python\zope\startup\ -C

it starts up just fine (although now running from the console).

But when I start it with:

c:\zope\v27\lib\python\zope\startup\ -C

it dies after about 30 seconds.

It wouldn't surprise me that I'm doing something it doesn't like (I'm
spawning additional processes from within a product but it worked fine
with 2.5), but I'm somewhat at a loss as to debugging it in that when
run as a console app it works fine, but when run windowless it

Do I have to write out check points to a file? or is there some way to
use Mark Hammonds process debugging tools? Or is this a bug, known or

Pointers and hints welcome.

Emile van Sebille
emile at fenx dot com Removed)

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