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need help for extending and embedding

Ing Giuseppe Monteleone
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I'm trying to extend and embed the python language in a Borland C++Builder
application but I have some problem

Using PyRun_SimpleFile() I got and invalid access error, menwhile using
PyRun_SimpleString I cannot have no effect.

I used the standard sequence embedding code



I checked parameter many times, but the program won't work. what's wrong ?

In my opinion i think that could be some problem with stdion and stdout but
I acnnot redirect them from C before starting file with PyRun_SimpleFile.

can anyone help me ?


Ing Giuseppe Monteleone

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Jeff Epler
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Here's a paragraph from the Python API manual addressing this subject:
Note also that several of these functions take FILE* parameters. On
particular issue which needs to be handled carefully is that the FILE
structure for different C libraries can be different and incompatible.
Under Windows (at least), it is possible for dynamically linked
extensions to actually use different libraries, so care should be
taken that FILE* parameters are only passed to these functions if
it is certain that they were created by the same library that the
Python runtime is using.


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