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RE: configure 'time out' time for urllib

Pieter Claerhout
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I think you will have to configure the default timeout for the socket
module. If you have Python 2.3, it works as follows:

import socket
socket.setdefaulttimeout(10) # timeout in seconds

For older versions of Python, you have to rely on the timeoutsocket module
from, which works as

import timeoutsocket



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I had a similar problem and coded in two tries; could be 3,4 etc.
I couldn't find a way to set the timeout.

Andreas Dahl wrote:
> Hi,
> I use urllib to retrieve data via HTTP. Unfortunately my program crashes
> after a while (after some loops) because the connection timed out.
> raise socket.error, msg
> IOError: [Errno socket error] (60, 'Connection timed out')
> I am not so familiar with python, but is there a possibility to
> configure the 'waiting time'? Or how can I handle such an event? To skip
> that query and go to the next one would also work.
> Many thanks in advance, Andreas
> code:
> params = urllib.urlencode({'rs': rs})
> try:
> file =
> urllib.urlopen("" %
> params)
> except IOError, message: # file open failed
> print >> sys.stderr, "File could not be opend:", message
> sys.exit(1)
> data = file.readlines() # array with html-doc-content
> file.close()


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