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Which is Multilayer Switch?

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Thank you

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Walter Roberson
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In article <407b79a7$(E-Mail Removed)>, Charles <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
:Thank you

Now I'm becoming even more convinced you are working on a class assignment.

'multilayer switch' is a marketing term, and so can mean many different
things. Generally speaking, it refers to a device that does at least
basic processing (layer 2 switching) in hardware, and which has
at least *some* capabilities for examining layer 3 or higher data
(which it might do in hardware or software.) The term is not well
defined and the boundaries are blurry. For example, the Cisco C2950
is almost completely a layer 2 switch, but it does have the facility
for IGMP snooping, which touches on layer 3.
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