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Antwort: MySQLDB - generating "...not in (1, 2,

Holger Joukl
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You could use the str() builtin, returning the string representation of the
list object:

>>> params = (1, 2, 3)
>>> "select * from T where C1 not in %s" % str(params)

'select * from T where C1 not in (1, 2, 3)'

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Hi - I've writing a Python script which has a query which looks like
this ...

select * from T where C1 not in (1,2,3)

.... C1 is a numeric column so elements of (1,2,3) must not be quoted
like this ('1','2','3') and of course they must not be quoted like
this ('1,2,3').

I'm using 'scanf' style substitution into the SQL, eg ...

cursor.execute("select * from T where C1 not in (%s)",params).

My problem is that the values that need to appear in the bracket are
held in a Python list. At first I thought this was great - just use
'join' with ',' as the second arg but of course join is expecting a
list of strings and if you str() the contents of the list you end up
with ('1','2','3').

Then I tried rolling my own string concatenation but then you end up
with a string or ('1,2,3') which the SQL doesn't like.

So in summary - would anyone be kind enough to tell me, given that I'm
using scanf style SQL subbing, how I can substitute in a comma
delimited list of integers without quotes being put around things to
upset the SQL ?


richard shea.

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