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timeoutsocket - not blocking on connect?

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Im trying to catch timeouts from a socket and my code looks like
s = timeoutsocket.timeoutsocket(timeoutsocket.AF_INET,
print s.get_timeout()
s.connect(("localhost", 80))
except timeoutsocket.Timeout:
print 'Timeout'

I do give a SIGSTOP on my webserver so that all the requests hang and
i have created a timeout situation.(When i connect to
http://localhost, it hangs).

I looked at and it looks like the connect() does call
socket.connect and then does a using the sock. In my
case, it does have the write file descriptors not blocking and so it
does return back. Shouldnt it just return a timeout for the above
case? The documentation on mentions that if the
timeout needs to be captured on connect(), u shud use the

Im a newbieee so go easy on me. Please let me know if you need any
more info.

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