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Port-security on 16-port FastEthernet module (NM-ESW-16)

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I would like to be able to restrict network access by associating a
switch port with a workstation's mac-address. Does anyone know if
port-security can be enabled on a 16-port FastEthernet module

Hardware - Cisco 2651 router with NM-ESW-16 module
IOS - Version 12.3(4)T3

Also, I don't have the command "switchport port-security" available
when I'm in the interface mode (see below).

2651_tester(config)#int f1/1
2651_tester(config-if)#switchport ?
access Set access mode characteristics of the interface
mode Set trunking mode of the interface
trunk Set trunking characteristics of the interface
priority Set 802.1p priorities
voice Voice appliance attributes

If port-security is not available, are there any other options using
the same hardware?

Thank you in advance.

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