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Repost: Can't sys.exit() from SIGTERM handler?

Andrew Athan
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I have a python program (snippet below) which does not want to seem to die
when I issue a sys.exit() inside the SIGTERM handler. The output below is
generated as the result of sending several SIGTERM signals to the process,
as a result of seeing that it had not died.

I don't think this is relevant, but the application has fork()ed a child
process (cdparanoia). The only thing I can think of is that somehow, there
is an exception occuring inside sys.exit(), otherwise why am I not seeing
the "Did not sys.exit()!?" output? Could it be that exit() is returning but
that the output fd's are already closed?

Verrry strange...and therefore I'm sure I'm making a brain dead mistake.

Thanks in advance,





Ripper output status code: (4314, 15)
4320 /root/postprocess /var/music/ripper/8707620b


Error JOB_NODISC in job <__main__.JobHandler instance at 0x8204b24>
4321 /bin/setserial /dev/ttyS0 spd_normal


Killing child processes...


def sigterm(a,b):
print '\n****SIGTERM*****\n'
print '\nDid not sys.exit()??!!\n'
print '\nDid not os._exit()??!!\n'

def killChildren():
global childPIDs
print '\n\nKilling child processes...'
for pid in childPIDs:
print 'Terminating %d'%pid

def child_exit(a,b):
#childpid, status = os.wait()
print '\n****SIGCHILD*****\n'


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