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Re: Pyserial question

David Goodger
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Kelia Nichols wrote:
> I am using Pyserial to work with a RS232 device. My question is,
> how do I write hex to the device or cannot write hex to it pyserial?

What do you mean exactly? Do you want to write a value in hex to the
RS232 port (e.g. write 26 [decimal] as "1A")? If so, just use string

>>> "%02X" % 26


Or do you want to send a byte for which you know the hex
representation (e.g. send "1A" as ASCII 26)? If so, use integer
conversion & character value conversion:

>>> chr(int('1a', 16))


If it's more complex than that (values larger than 255, etc.), the
"struct" module may help. Post more details for better help.

-- David Goodger

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