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executing python within perl script

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I am trying to execute some python commands within a perl script and
running into problems. The following works:
python -c "import mypkg;do this; do that"
however when I try to do something like
#!/bin/perl -w
$cmd = "import mypkg; do this; do that";
$string = `python -c \"$cmd\"`;

and execute this perl script I get error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<string>", line 1, in ?
File "/apps/relibase/python/reliscript/python/"
, line 228, in ?
__internal__ = internal_storage()
File "/apps/relibase/python/reliscript/python/"
, line 25, in __init__
import re; = re
File "/apps/relibase/python/Python-2.1.1/Lib/", line 28
, in ?
from sre import *
File "/apps/relibase/python/Python-2.1.1/Lib/", line 1
7, in ?
import sre_compile
File "/apps/relibase/python/Python-2.1.1/Lib/"
, line 15, in ?
assert _sre.MAGIC == MAGIC, "SRE module mismatch"
AssertionError: SRE module mismatch
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