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Question re: features of the 831 router (also a 924 question)

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I'm thinking about buying one through the Network Academy program. I
bought a used 924 off eBay without knowing how brain-dead it is, it
won't do diddly that I need to, so now I need something else as I work
through the FNS course series.

So basically, my main question is, are the ethernet ports on the 831
individually-addressable ports (such as e0/1 through e0/4) or are they
a switch? For interfaces, the 924 just had the cable interface and
the ethernet ports as one common hub. Since my cable provider (Cox in
Phoenix) doesn't support Cisco as a provisionable cable modem, I'll be
keeping my original cable modem and running the 831 off the ethernet
interface, totally ignoring the coax interface.

The main thing that I want to do that requires the individual
addressability is I'd like to connect a 54G WAP on one of the ethernet
ports and ACL it so that it goes straight to the internet and never
touches my internal network for my laptop and friends, then if I want
to do file transfer between my laptop and network, I'll just directly
cable it to the router. Though it occurs to me that I could possibly
directly code the MAC address of the WAP into an ACL for the same
purpose, or am I needlessly confusing my tiny little CCNA brain?

My second question: can I coax-to-coax between an 831 and a 924
directly? I imagine the answer is no since I don't have the cable
head equipment in between. If I could then it might at least give me
some value and utility for the 924.
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