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Two separate subnets over Cisco 350 Wireless Bridges

Josh Gasber
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I have network setup with a two Cisco Wireless bridges
350's linking two buildings together. I need to add another existing
network that is to the connection as there are computers
in the remote building that need to be connected over the bridge --
what do I need to accomplish this.

I thought that because the the bridges were layer 2 devices I would
not need to worry about routing or any other issues -- am I wrong.

Current configuration

Building A Building A network devices network devices
ethernet on separate ethernet from
Cisco 350 Wireless Bridge
Building B Building B
Cisco 350 Wireless Bridge network devices
ethernet on separate ethernet from network devices

Shouldn't I be able to connect the separate Building A ethernets and
the separate building B ethernets and gain a link via the existing
Wireless connection for the devices between buildings A and
B without the use of any additional equipment?

Is there any potential problems?

Thank You,
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