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Newbie question: importing module from C

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I'm trying to load the email.Message module from C and can't figure
out what I'm doing wrong. What's wrong with the following code?

PyObject *pMessage;

pMessage = PyImport_ImportModule("email.Message");

if (pMessage == NULL) {
printf("Null module\n");

I know my environment is set up correctly because if I change
"email.Message" to "email", then I can successfully load the email
package. From the email package, I can then get the dictionary and
see the reference to the "Message", but don't know how to load it.

Ultimately, what I want to do is instantiate an email.Message, fill it
in, then send it off to the Python environment.

I'm using Python 2.3.2 on Red Hat 9.0

thanks in advance,
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