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sending snmp traps

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Hi guys

Not sure if this is possible, but here goes.

I need to know the values for certain cisco mibs and when they change.
I can poll a router via snmp for these values, but seeing as I need
to now the moment they change it seems a little pointless to
continually poll for these values(and waste bandiwdth and cpu load
doing so). The best option would be for the router to generate a trap
if the state changes. The problem is, the information I require is
for certain specific multicast streams, and not available as a
standard trap.

Is there anyway to get the router to generate a trap based on the oid
you specify rather than just "snmp-server enable traps bgp"? e.g.
"snmp-server enable traps x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x."

Bit of a long shot, but thought I'd ask

Many thanks

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