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followup: CGMP, IGMP Snooping, and the PIX

Mike S. Whitlow
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I'm posting a followp to a thread I started in Nov. 2003 called "CGMP, IGMP Snooping, and the PIX"

I answered one of my own questions from back then, and wanted to share the answer here for others:

I setup the following:

World ->
Cisco 2621 ROUTER(c2600-i-mz.122-17a.bin) ->
Cisco 2950 SWITCH on VLAN 2 (c2950-i6q4l2-mz.121-13.EA1.bin) ->
PIX 515 (6.2(2)) ->
same 2950 SWITCH but on VLAN 1 ->
Two Multicast watching hosts (VLAN 1)

I was able to turn IGMP Snooping ON and OFF on the 2950 switch and see that multicast were being
constrained to only the multicast hosts' ports when IGMP Snooping was ON. The multicast broadcasted
out to every up port on Vlan1 when IGMP Snooping was OFF..

I was very happy that I could have my cake, AND, eat it too! I did not need an additional router
to acomplish this, nor did I have to do any kind of tunneling..

If anyone else who has worked with this would like to drop me an EMail, I'd be interested in hearing
your information! Particularly, I'm curious about the role that the PIX plays with the IGMP process
in general.. As we know, IGMP was designed to work between routers and switches, and firewalls were
not factored into the core design. I'd really love to know what's all happening on that PIX with
IGMP, but there is little to no information out there about the subject..


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