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flow control / get next / filter?

Ken Godee
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I'm trying to figure out how to get the value of a variable
that's constantly getting updated, but only get the new
value, once it has changed.

I have a module where I register a call back to a function
in the code I'm working on. This function gets updated continuely.

x = ''
def myfunc(event)
global x
x = event

if you where to do a while loop, you would end up with something like...

while 1:
print x
if x == 'stop':


if you where to do a nested while, you would get....

while 1:
print x
while x != x:
print x
if x == 'stop':
if x == 'stop':


but it of coarse just spins the loop and processor loads pegs out.

If someone could point me in a direction, I'd appreciate it.

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