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I fought typelib- and typelib won.
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I am trying to extend Crystal Reports with Python. The documented way to do
this is to create a COM automation server with a specific naming
convention that CR will then present inside the UI as user functions. That
was easy enough to start, but apparently you need to register your code in
type libraries as well. I have been unable to make ANY progress on that
front. I have a an IDL document that I was able to compile with MIDL.EXE and
I attempted to build my exe with the -tbl switch that py2exe requires. It
seems to build with no errors, but when I register the .exe, I see no
entries under typelib in the registry. I can talk com to my code as a client
from pythonwin and, I assume, vb.

I have really hit a wall with this. Even talking to vb programmers is
useless, since for the most part they are just trained monkeys that just
check the box that says 'create typelib'. It looks like I am going to have
to accept defeat and purchase an off-the-shelf solution.

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