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RE: Python mascot? How about a Pythoneer?

Robert D. Young
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If you're going to go down that path/gutter, then consider this for
sr=8-4/ref=sr_8_4/102-0229811-3673733?v=glance&s=music&n=507846 (an old
Robin Williams routine)

Do you really think a penguin is anthropomorphic? I've seen enough
variety of cartoon snakes (including the one previously mentioned at and plenty of Gary Larson panels)
to think a snake makes a reasonable and flexible mascot...

- Robert

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Subject: Re: Python mascot? How about a Pythoneer?

> >
> > The problem with a snake as a mascot is that it is not
> > anthropomorphic enough. > > So a snake is out.

> You've never seen an old down-under strip of the simple name

> have you <G> Granted, Snake is usually on the receiving end of the
> damages -- even "Lady Snake" doesn't like him (and how a snake with
> Dolly Parton appendages moves over the ground I don't want to
> consider).
> --

I have a book of the "Snake" cartoons somewhere. Does he have a website?

The Python mascot could be non-sexist, too. Think "her" instead of
"him". (Nothing like some mammalian protruberances to anthropomorphise a
beastie) - Lady Snake, but more voluptuous, and possessing udders that
twin calves could live off?

Surely there must be a way of using such appendages to operate keyboards
and mice? (Maybe some of the female contributors could do such an
experiment for a laugh).

Sorry. Lady Snake just brings out the old letch within ...


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We're fresh out of those, but I've got a lovely terrier ....

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